*Highly* Recommended Reading: "Politics In Healing" by Daniel Haley 
and "Forbidden Medicine" by Ellen Brown.
During my 18 months or so of research into the cancer industry I have read several very good books. 
My two latest recommendations are probably at the top because they are recent publications 
(published 2000 and 1998 respectively) and the information is more up to date.  
Daniel Haley’s "Politics In Healing” recounts the fascinating case histories of ten very effective 
cancer treatments that were and are being systematically suppressed by the
medical/pharmaceutical complex.

1. Harry Hoxsey therapies  (See my “Clamor” article published on my website 
for a short synopsis of Hoxsey and Mildred Nelson's achievements)                        
2. Dr. William Koch and Glyoxylide (Overview available)               
3. Royal Raymond Rife and his Frequency Machine  (Again, see my article)
4. Dr. Andrew Ivy and Krebiozen 
5. Dr. Stanly Jacob and Dymethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)

6. The Colostrom Story
7. Gaston Naessens and 714X. One of the few very effective so-called alternative cancer 
treatments that is available today from Canada. (Overview available)

8.  Electromedicine   
9. Dr. Joseph Gold and Hydrazine Sulfate 

10. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski (MD and Ph.D Biochemistry) antineoplastons. 
(Overview available)

The facts supporting the suppression of these treatments is very well established with court records, 
doctors articles/testimony, books, newspaper articles, patient testimonials, lies/misinterpretation by 
the medical community and outright fraud. It never ceases to amaze me how far the people 
running our medical cartel will go to protect the massive profits from drug company products. 
In story after story it’s the same organizations, AMA,ACS, FDA, NCI who fight tooth and nail against 
great men and woman who find or create excellent treatments for cancer that are usually natural and 
always non-toxic. "Politics In Healing" is available from Amazon.com and other booksellers.

Ellen Brown’s "Forbidden Medicine" was out of print for quite a few months. It is now back in 
print and I very strongly suggest that you purchase a copy of it. The book details the life of natural 
cancer healer William Keller. Keller contracted cancer himself in 1968 and went the orthodox route, 
radiation and surgery. He was badly disfigured by surgery on his face and told that there was no hope, 
he would live only a few months. This prompted hm to start investigating natural alternatives such as 
laetrile. In 1975 he became state chairman of the Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer 
Therapy. In those days Laetrile was the most famous alternative. During a hearing at the Georgia 
House of Representatives a doctor stated that if anybody ate 6 apricot kernels and six 
5 milligram laetrile tablets they will die. When it came time for Keller to speak he said. "I’m going to 
commit suicide in front of the House of Representatives." He asked for the panel to identify that 
he had a sealed bag of apricot kernels and a sealed bottle of laetrile tablets. He then proceeded to 
eat 7 kernels and 6 tablets. You could have heard a pin drop. He swallowed it all down and began his 
speech. Soon an old lady  jumped up and said, "They been a-lyin to us." A man shouted "The 
FDA’s the enemy! That’s the real enemy." Of course Keller did not die but instead severely 
embarrassed the FDA/AMA. Keller began helping people with cancer using his variety of natural 
therapies. For 20 some years he literally has become a walking 
encyclopedia of effective alternative treatments. He would often use several different treatments 
together. Keller has been continually hounded by mainstream medicine and was brought to trial in 
1991. In the book are several letters (out of a total of 350) that were written to the judge by people
who were either saved by Keller or knew people that had been. Many of them had been given up 
on by mainstream medicine.

There are several such letters posted on the Internet and I called the telephone numbers hoping to 
contact someone about it. The book is based on Keller’s 1991 trial so most of the numbers were 
out of service. But I struck gold with one. Bonnie Cayer. We had a nice chat for about 45 minutes 
as she told me how Keller had treated her for cancer around 1983. Keller  treats each patient 
differently and from many years of experience could tell what natural treatments will work best for 
each person. Bonnie couldn’t say enough about this wonderful man who saved her from having to 
undergo surgery. He was even reluctant to take money for the treatment. Her cancer is in 15 year
remission. She met many others who he had saved. As she told me, Jimmy Keller has helped 
hundreds of people, a truly great and compassionate human being who has been 
persecuted, beaten near death and attacked for 20 some years because he healed cancer 
What an incredible irony. The NCI and ACS have wasted billions in their supposed "war on cancer"
that has been an abysmal failure. Millions of Americans have died from cancer in the last 20 
years, yet here we have a man who can put about 90% of people (who have not been 
treated with chemotherapy/radiation) into lengthy remission using natural non-toxic 
therapies, but he is attacked and imprisoned for saving lives. Why? Because he is 
a direct threat to the pharmaceutical/medical complex's cancer profiteering.
You can order the book by calling 1-800-891-0390  or 1-800-798-1818

Other Highly Recommended Books

The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes. The book is dedicated to the Royal Rayond 
Rife radio frequency machine and his life story.

The Cancer Industry by Ralph Moss. A very good, well referenced overview of the cancer establishment and some alternative treatments.

World Without Cancer by Edward Griffin. Excellent book about amygdalin, or Laetrile. Griffin concisely and cogently covers the discovery of amygdalin, the large body of evidence for it's effectiveness and the Cancer Industries lies and bogus studies to try and suppress it. There is also an outstanding section about the politics of cancer and the coup d' tat of American medicine performed by the Rockefellers/Carnegies in the early part of the 20th century.

The Healing of Cancer by Barry Lynes. Great book which can be read in an afternoon. Lynes gives ample evidence of the pervasive corruption within the NCI/ACS/FDA/AMA . These agencies have an unbroken history of perfidy and collusion with the pharmaceutical industry.

Questioning Chemotherapy by Ralph Moss. A must read for anybody contemplating the use of Chemotherapy. Although Chemotherapy has shown good results in a few rare cancers, there are serious questions raised as to it's widespread use. Moss estimates that at least 700,000 Americans were given chemotherapy in 1991.

Also see The Politics of Cancer Revisited by Dr. Samuel Epstein, Racketeering in Medicine by Dr. James Carter, The Medical Mafia by Dr. Guylaine Lanctaot (a Canadian Doctor who saw first hand the way medicine has become totally profit/man-made drugs oriented) and books by Hulda Clark.

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